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Air Printer is designed to save the files to PDF documents or print files to the printer. Here we can learn about the instruction of it.

To use the Air Printer, you could do the following things:

1. Open the app on your Mac.

2. Tap the plus sign in the lower right part of the interface. Select the printer name (Please ensure that your printer is enabled in advance.) For example, EPSON L355 Series. 

Then you will see the printer is added to the printers list on your Mac.

3. Open a document on your iPhone or iPad, for example, open Safari to print a webpage. After you open the webpage, you could follow the steps below:


(1)Tap the button (composed of an up-towards arrow and a square), select Print in the pop-out box.

(2)Tap "Printer     Selet Printer “ bar and select the printer name EPSON L355 Series.


Note: Before you tap Print on your iPhone or iPad, you need to disable the Double-sided option

because the app doesn’t support this function. That is to say, please ensure that the Double-sided slider is white.

Then you could print successfully and print the webpage to the nearby printer and output a paper document.


If you want to save the webpage as a pdf file to the Mac, you could refer to Step 3, just need to select Open on Mac to add it to the printer list and then follow Step (1) and (2) under Step 3. Here you can print a file to pdf and save it on your Mac.

For more information about Air Printer, please visit


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