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It is very necessary to add bookmarks to a PDF file if you want to jump to the specific section in the PDF document instantly. This tutorial shows how to add bookmarks to a PDF file using Flyingbee Reader, even if in the original document there are no bookmarks.
Bookmarks are PDF document navigational tools that allow readers to quickly locate and link to specific text anchors or pages within a PDF document. A bookmark is a type of links with representative text that makes it easier to navigate documents exported as .pdf on your Mac OS X.

Flyingbee Reader for Mac has the ability to add bookmarks in a PDF file, which means that you can configure Flyingbee Reader to create bookmarks to your documents. Bookmarks you create in the PDF document appear in the Bookmarks tab on the left side of the Flyingbee Reader’s window.

How to create Bookmarks for selected text or page

When create a bookmark in Flyingbee Reader, it will link to the page currently displaying by default. To create a bookmark:
1) Open the PDF document you would like to add a bookmark to in Flyingbee Reader.

2) Scroll to the page in the PDF document that you would like to be bookmarked.

3) Go to Bookmark>Add Bookmark, you will get a notice telling that you have added a bookmark successfully to your PDF file

Alternatively, you can right-click on the blank space in the page, and choose ‘New Bookmark’ from the popped-out menu

4) Repeat steps 2-3 until all your bookmarks have been created.

The bookmark appears in the Bookmarks list. The selected text will be the default name of the bookmark.

How to use Bookmarks

Bookmarks in a PDF file generally follow the hierarchical structure of the document and, therefore, act much like a table of contents. At a glance you can see the sections, subjects, or topics in the publication. Clicking a bookmark takes you to a specified place in the document.

To view and use created bookmarks:
Click the sidebar buttonHow to Create Bookmarks to A PDF File in Flyingbee Reader-Sidebar and open the left pane;
Go to the bookmark pane by clicking the buttonHow to Create Bookmarks to A PDF File in Flyingbee Reader-Bookmark 
Click on the selected bookmark to jump to the specific page in the PDF file

You can also go to the main menu and choose View>Bookmarks, then you will be taken to the bookmark pane, on which you can jump to the specific section or page by clicking the relative bookmark.

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How to delete a bookmark

To delete a bookmark, firstly, you should go to the bookmark pane, do as the above we mentioned.
And then select the bookmark you want to remove, right-click on it and choose ‘Delete’ to remove it from the bookmarks list.

If you want to remove all bookmarks in the file, it can be an easy and quick way by going to ‘Bookmark>Clear All Bookmarks…’. A warning box carrying the following message will appear:

Click ‘Remove All’ to delete all of the bookmarks, while click ‘Cancel’ to keep all of them stay in their places if you change your mind.

The Bottom Line

In a PDF file, bookmarks make it easy to navigate from one page to the next, or to skip to specific sections of text. The bookmarks act like target links in a web document or bookmarked text in a Word document. 
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