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Underlining text can be helpful when you want to emphasize certain text on your PDF file. In Flyingbee Reader, users can underline text easily. This guide will tell you how to do that.
When you’re viewing a PDF file on our Mac,you may need to put emphasis on some paragraphs or words with lines underneath.These lines are called underlines,more or less horizontal lines immediately below a portion of writing. But you might be at loss on how to do that.Flyingbee Reader allows users to mark up text with underlining tool. Here in this quick guide, you can easily follow the steps in detail to freely underline your text or words.

Step 1: Open the PDF file using Flyingbee Reader. Just double-click on the file you want to open and it will be opened automatically in Flyingbee Reader if you set it as your default application for opening PDF documents.

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Step 2: Activate the Underline tool. From the Menu Bar, go to Annotation>Add Annotation>Underline Text. And you can also go to common tool toolbar>Markup>Underline, or just go to common tool toolbar, find Highlight and select Underline from the dropdown menu by clicking the button.

Step 3: Underline text or words. Go to the text or words you wish to underline and drag to underline them.
Another simple way to underline the aimed text or words: drag to select the text or words, right-click on the contents and then choose Underline Text from the popped-out options menu.

Step 4: Change the color. Flyingbee Reader allows you to change the color for the underlining text. To change the color for the targeted underline, please do as the following tips:
  1. a) Select the underlined text you want to make change
  2. b) Go to the markup tool menu by clicking the button 
  3. c) Click the button to select the color

If you wish to turn off and remove the underlining from the text, just go to Edit>Undo Add Annotation, or press command +Z for quickly undoing the previous changes.But please REMEMBER: What you can undo is just the un-saved file.Once you save the PDF file with annotation or other changes,it would not be possible to undo or redo. Therefore, we do recommend that you save the changed PDF files as copy ones.

The Bottom Line 

Underlining text or words in a PDF document will give additional attention to that portion of text or words. Using Flyingbee Reader, you can mark up text or words with lines in different colors. It would be more intuitive in viewing PDF files with colorful underlining. Just level up your PDF viewing experience with Flyingbee Reader!
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